AMUZ, Antwerpen

MaaS Congres Belgium 2019

“The mobility market in Antwerp is growing and diversifying at an unprecedented pace and is therefore facing new challenges. I would like to tell you more about this at the MaaS Belgium Congress.”

Koen Kennis
Elderman of Antwerp

Mobility as a Service can no longer be ignored. More and more apps are being developed that users can use to plan and pay for journeys using numerous means of transport. And also governments are experimenting with this new mobility concept.

However, a lot of questions need to be answered before large-scale application is possible. For example: who should take the lead? In what way will sharing the possible data lead to ‘the greatest good for the greatest number’? Can we tempt the traveller to change his travel behaviour?

The first edition of the MaaS Belgium Conference will answer all these questions, on 26 November in AMUZ in Antwerp. This day will give you insight into the latest developments, consequences for the sector and opportunities for your organisation.


The challenges

Experts shed light on the subject of MaaS from several angles.

Among others things, they will discuss:

The MaaS Congres Belgium is organised by the Dutch trade magazines,, The City of Antwerp is the host. Participants of this conference include regional, provincial and national governments, public transport authorities, public transport operators, MaaS Providers, lease companies, suppliers and mobility experts.

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