Dinsdag 7 december 2021 AMUZ, Antwerpen

MaaS Congress Belgium 2021

Nobody can ignore Mobility as a Service. There are more and more apps that allow users to plan and pay for journeys with a variety of means of transport. And more and more governments are experimenting with the new mobility concept. Soon we will announce the date and location for MaaS Congress Belgium 2021.

MaaS Congress Belgium 2019

Many questions still need to be answered to enable large-scale application. Who takes the lead? How does sharing data lead to ‘the greatest good for the greatest number’? Or how can we tempt consumers to actually travel differently. All these questions were addressed in the first edition of the MaaS Congress Belgium, on November 26, 2019 in AMUZ in Antwerp. During this day, participants gained insight into the latest developments, consequences for the sector and opportunities for your organization. View the photos here.

The organization of the day was in the hands of the trade magazines VerkeersNet.nl, OVPro.nl and TaxiPro.nl. The City of Antwerp was the host. The target group included concessionaires, transporters, service providers, lease companies, politicians, suppliers and mobility experts at consultancy firms, the national, regional or local government. The MaaS Congress Belgium followed two previous succesfull congresses in the Netherlands.