Dinsdag 7 december 2021 AMUZ, Antwerpen

MaaS Congres ’21

The second edition from the MaaS Conference in AMUZ Antwerpen where a big succes. With 130 attendees (live and online) we look back at a good conference. Next year there will be a new edition. Would you like to be  informed? 

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is often seen as a technical solution. However, it is doubtful whether a traveler is persuaded to change his travel behavior by a well-functioning app. On Tuesday December 7, the MaaS Congress ’21 will take place in Amuz Antwerp.

Governments and MaaS providers hope for widespread adoption, but there are still a few important steps to take to achieve this. We will try to provide tools for this during the conference. Behavioral change is central on December 7th.

How do you actually change the behavior of travelers? What does the commuter need and what employer approach is needed for this? What are the motives of travelers to use or not to use MaaS? How do you prevent certain target groups from being left out? And how can governments use nudging to push citizens in the desired direction? The second edition of the MaaS Congress is about these questions. Participants gain insight into the latest developments, consequences for the sector and opportunities for their organization.

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Speakers MaaS Congress 2021:

The organization of the day is in the hands of the trade magazines VerkeersNet.nl, OVPro.nl and TaxiPro.nl. The target group includes concessionaires, transporters, service providers, lease companies, politicians, suppliers and mobility experts at consultancy firms, the national, regional or local government. The MaaS Congress follows on from two previous successful congresses in the Netherlands.

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