Woensdag 22 november 2023 | AMUZ, Antwerpen

MaaS Congress ’23

From MaaS to MaX

From Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) to Mobility-as-eXperience (MaX). In other words: a shift from a service-oriented mindset to an experiential mindset.

MaaS already brought coherence between different transport options for users, MaX is moving forward towards an approach that improves passenger satisfaction and well-being. We are committed to a vision where mobility is no longer just a means, but an experience in itself. MaX goes beyond functional benefits and emphasizes emotional benefits such as comfort, pleasure and empowerment.

This approach requires a shift from service to a full-fledged experience. Cooperation and co-creation are essential in order to jointly exploit the full potential of mobility.

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Don’t miss this unique opportunity to discover the exciting evolution in mobility. Join the third edition of the MaaS Congress ’23 in Belgium. Here you will gain in-depth insight into the latest developments within the sector and learn how MaX raises the standard. Find out what this means for your organization and how you can benefit from this change.

Are you ready to take this leap? Travel with us from MaaS to MaX and discover a world of unprecedented mobility experience.


The organization of the day is in the hands of VerkeersNet.nl, OVPro.nl and TaxiPro.nl. The target group includes concessionaires, transporters, service providers, lease companies, politicians, suppliers and mobility experts at consultancy firms, the national, regional or local government. The MaaS Congress follows on from three previous successful congresses in the Netherlands.

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